Anna Carlsson a guest on "The Talent Experience podcast"

Anna Carlsson who hosts the HR Digitaliseringspodden is now available to listen to as a guest on the Talent Experience Podcast - Episode 42 where she shares her views on the digitalization level and the challenges for HR in Sweden. This time in english.

The Talent Experience Podcast is delivered by Fuel50 and is all about the future of work

In this podcast you can learn from leading HR analysts, industry influencers, people leaders from best-in-class organizations and other thought-leaders in the talent space as they share how to lead the way in today’s career climate.

"I want to thank Rhonda Taylor for inviting me to be a guest on the Talent Experience Podcast! Together we discussed Technology in HR and how implementing technology can help your organization stay future-focused. I'm concerned that there is no real innovation in the HR community around utlizing technology"

Anna Carlsson visits episode 42 of the podcast to share her views on the digitalization levels in HR in the Nordic region and most recently in Sweden. The perception is that the level of digitalization and related projects that are currently being run are quite similar all over the world, except for projects at the very largest companies that have greater opportunities to have dedicated resources in the field.

Anna is a strong advocate for HR to have a place at board level and believes that HR activities have a huge impact on business results.
One of Anna's comments in the podcast: "If you do not start to digitize and digitalize, you can't get data. And if you don´t have data, you can't analyze your business"

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