HR Tech advisory for vendors

Whether you're an established supplier or just starting your business this advisory service is for you.

HR Tech advisory for vendors means providing insightful recommendations to HR vendors. You can be anything from an established system provider to a newly started company with a new solution/idea. You can also be a foreign vendor looking to establish yourself in the Swedish market.

The advisory may involve:

  • How the HR market looks like
  • Who to approach with your solution
  • How the customer (HR) behaves and operates in Sweden
  • Which forums to be visible in, such as events, newsletters, podcasts, etc.
  • Evaluation of concepts and new solutions."

Price: 1 x 60 minutes 3200 SEK excl. VAT / 4000 SEK inc. VAT

The offering is booked and paid for on the Myflow platform

*You need to register with a free account on Myflow (in swedish only until oct 2023) to access the booking and billing system.

You can also book a free introduction call to ask questions and ensure that we are a good match.