Nine Digital trends in HR 2022

In episode 38 of the HR Digitaliseringspodden, Anna Carlsson shares her thoughts on HR Tech for 2022. The magazine Personal och Ledarskap took the opportunity to publish the episode as an article in their magazine.

The nine trends

Based on the challenges that exist in HR right now, here are nine different trends that will be in focus 2022 in the area of ​​HR and digitalization.

  1. HR has begun to focus on digitalization
  2. HR evaluates and implements HR (base) systems like never before
  3. The employee experience is in focus
  4. New ways of working after the pandemic - Hybrid work
  5. Skills, abilities and experiences - not job roles
  6. Coaching for everyone in the organization
  7. Attract and recruit - the lack of skills is immense
  8. Virtual Reality is finally starting to lift off
  9. New payroll systems - finally!

To be able to meet these challenges with a new way of thinking where digitalization is an ingredient, Anna suggests that:

  • Educate yourself, read books, meet interesting people and companies.
  • Get yourself a digital advisor / mentor who can guide you on your way forward.
  • Hire an HR-tech strategist or take in someone part-time.
  • When digi projects are to be started, bring in someone who takes care of your everyday tasks and take responsibility for the project yourself. Then combine yourself with a digital coach who will help you steer correctly.
  • Dare to challenge the traditional, test the limits and be a little disrespectful to the current way of working.
  • Set aside enough time and resources

You will find more tips and details about each area in the article that you find at Personal och Ledarskap (Swedish) or by contacting us.