Anna Carlsson is hosting the Digital and Tech stage at the Personal & Chef fair 1-2 December

Anna Carlsson is a well-known speaker, advisor and consultant and started the HR Digitalisation Podcast “HR Digitaliseringspodden” 2019. On December 1-2, you will find her as the host of the Digital & tech stage, which is sponsored by Simployer Sweden. The Personal & Chef fair took a chat with Anna before the event.

The host of the Digital & tech stage: Anna Carlsson

Anna is a curious HR technology strategist with more than 20 years in the intersection between Business, Human Resources and technology.

Anna believes that technology is no longer a side activity in HR, digitalisation is fundamental to make room for a more people-focused future. Her passion is to lead the movement of future HR, by creating together and educating as well as developing organizations and individuals. Anna is a speaker, advisor and consultant and started the podcast in 2019 to make digitalisation in HR more understandable for all curious.

What do you look forward to with 2022?

That HR gets time and opportunity to lift its gaze from everything that must be done and solved in everyday life and has time to discuss what the next level of digitalisation can give the business. It should now be possible to do so when the first level of digitalisation has been completed, ie that already existing data and HR processes have been digitized. The value to the organization comes primarily when you can develop and renew your business and solve your unique challenges. I personally change my focus from spending a large part of my time  managing implementation projects of HR systems to instead supporting, challenging, educating and inspiring at the next level, ie helping HR and digitalisation projects to think outside the box in terms of what can and should be digitized in their operations to create the best environment for their employees.

What do you take with you as personal learning from the pandemic of recent years?

That so much can be accomplished without travel and face to face meetings. But at the same time, it is very energy-intensive to lead workshops and training digitally. I really needed to challenge myself and had to dare and explore the digital tools available. It has also been rewarding to meet people in their digital home environment with both dogs, cats and children, ie that the private life can be visible and that we do not have to be perfect.

What are you most looking forward to with these two days at Personal & Chef?

To finally get to meet and discuss with many others in the same place, which develops my ideas and projects. I usually walk around and ask questions to many exhibitors, as well as listening to presentations at the different stages. This year there are so many interesting topics and speakers and as a host I will have a hard time keeping up with everything. I urge all visitors to really both walk around and meet exhibitors and of course also listen to presentations and maybe not just those who are completely in line with what you do. All meetings will give you lots of ideas for the future!

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