HR Digi podcast & newsletter - sponsorship and advertising 2023

Curious about how it works with sponsorship and advertising in the podcast or in our newsletter on LinkedIn that are sent to the inbox of all subscribers?

HR Digitaliseringspodden podcast has existed since the fall of 2019. Regular podcast episodes are planned and delivered completely without interference from any sponsors or suppliers. The podcast episodes follow the original idea of inspiring on several different levels in digitalisation for HR with the help of companies and experts in the field. Each regular season consists of approx. 15 episodes and is released every other Monday between August/September to May/June with a break for the Christmas holiday.

The podcast is also delivering a LinkedIn newsletter since June 2022 with news from the industry.

If you are interested in delivering your messages in the podcast to the listeners or to the readers of the newsletter, this is possible since start of 2022 via sponsored episodes and via advertising.​​

You can book us for a discussion using this link or send an email to with your questions or your request for an offer.

Advertising in the podcast:

For advertising in the podcast, the maximum length is 1 min, but we recommend short and clear. Either at the beginning or inserted in the middle of the standard episode.

The price when we make the recording of your text is SEK 15,000 for the first episode and for the following episode 7,000/episode. If you provide a complete audio file, the price is SEK 10,000 for the first episode and SEK 7,000 for the following episodes. The audio file must be in wav or mp3 format.

Advertising in the newsletter:

For advertising in the newsletter the price is SEK 8,000 for the first newsletter and SEK 4000 for the following newsletters.

Sponsored episodes:

The content is planned and agreed together. Each episode has a length of 25-65 minutes. It is an interview/discussion type podcast - and preferably in Swedish. A sponsored episode will be released in the same way as the "normal" episodes but will be marked as a sponsored episode.

See the example of a aponsored episode (in swedish): Tillit, Tekniska lösningar och Teamwork på mässan Personal & Chef.  

The regular non-sponsored episodes are released every other Monday and the sponsored episodes can be released on any day you wish. A suggestion is either the Monday between the standard programs, between the seasons or during the regular Christmas break. Text and information about the episode as well as links to your information and log on the episode picture will be on the website: in swedish.

You can also embed the episode on your own website.

The standard price for an episode 2023 is SEK 35,000. The recording takes place no later than about 3 weeks before the episode is released. In addition we also look at keywords and choose a title based on that. The podcast and our founder  Anna Carlsson, who is our podcast host, market the episode to followers on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Invoicing after agreement. VAT is added.