Our offerings - 2024

HR Digi offers packaged solutions in most of our areas ie innovation & future, competence development, inspiration as well as the podcast.

As our client you can attend our scheduled classes (in Swedish), but to get further on your digitalisation journey, you can also engage us for various activities, both scheduled and packaged. We are more than happy to develop customized packages tailored to your specific needs.

Where to start?

We do recommend to start with our advisory services which you can find described here. If you would like to discuss our services with our founder - you can book a time with her here or send an email to hej@hrdigi.se

1. Consultation and consultancy

Consultation is an opportunity for those who seek a sparring partner in the areas of HR, Tech, and Business Development.

There are many different areas where it may be relevant:

  • Do you need help staying up to date with the latest HR tech developments?
  • Or perhaps you need someone to bounce ideas off of to create a modern organization?
  • Are you struggling to put together a business case that demonstrates value rather than just cost savings for your digitalization investments?
  • You could also be a supplier looking to establish yourself in the Swedish market and in need of support and advice.

We have chosen to package our advisory services as a digital delivery that can be booked and paid for on an hourly basis, unless you have any other suggestions.

Our digital coaching is available for three different target groups:

  • For those working with HR
  • For leaders
  • For suppliers

You find more details here!

In addition to our advisory services, we also offer consulting services in areas such as business analysis, digital HR strategy, feasibility studies, project implementation, and project management.

Our consulting support offerings are tailored to each customer. Please contact us for a quote.

2. Competence development

HR Digi offers open eduction classes in many different areas although only in swedish. For english versions - please contact us.


Examples of classes:

  • Basic course - Digitalisation and AI for HR
  • HR πŸ’œ tech & AI - drive HR's own digitalisation journey
  • HR and Digitalisation
  • Trends, technology and new solutions
  • Lead and organize for remote and hybrid work
  • Smooth hybrid work in practice


In addition to that, we offer competence development in networking format within various groups, such as roles including:

  • HR Tech Manager
  • HR Tech Consultant
  • HR/People with an interest in digitalisation


3. Innovation and future

We offer mentoring, coaching or to be there as a supporting resource for you as an HR professional or business leader who wants to own the digital change process and make the right decisions for the organization.


According to Stefan Tengblad who points to the latest Cranet study we probably have a lower HR digitization level in Sweden compared to the rest of Europe, as so many who work in HR have a more traditional HR education, e.g. behavioral science, the PA line, etc. We have few in HR with a non-traditional HR background (more digital) such as engineers, economists or from business operations. This means that in Sweden digitalisation has not been prioritized as early as in other countries, as HR has a lower level of competence and experience in the digital area in particular.


In many cases, it has then been easier to hire one or more consultants who come in and "take over" HR's digitalisation journey.


But is that really how you want it?

Instead, HR Digi offers some other options.


Coaching and/or mentoring hours

We offer packaged coaching/mentor hours where you and your team can receive support during your digitization journey from an expert. We think that in this way you have someone who can support you so that you can handle the digitization work yourself. Depending on the level of competence in the team, a training effort may also need to be carried out.


Innovation - development of your future vision



"If you don't know where you're going, it doesn't matter which road you take."

A classic quote from Alice in Wonderland and equally true when it comes to digitalisation and HR. To be able to set out the path for the organization, a vision is needed that shows where you want to go and why.

HR Digi offers a packaged offer where we together with you develop a future vision that is presented and delivered in workshop form to a larger group.

We base our future vision on a number of different factors such as employee types, organization, industry, key roles, problem areas, etc. which we combine with the possibilities of digitalization and environmental analyses.

The package includes research, interviews, production of materials and delivery for two hours, including a presentation and a discussion.

The number of future scenarios in the packaging is limited based on the delivery frame. Price for the standard version: SEK 49,000, VAT is added.




4. Inspirational events

Do you want your team to get inspiration about the possibilities of digitalisation? Maybe at a team meeting or some other event.

Of course!

Price for a one-hour presentation for an HR team is SEK 15,000, VAT is added.

Get in touch at anna@hrdigi.se or book a digital meeting for discussion here!


Suggestions for themes can be:

  • HR innovation and tech trends
  • AI and HR
  • The employees of the future and their view of a digitized employee experience
  • The Swedish HR Systems market
  • Value of the Corporate Sustainibility Reporting Directive and the link to HR Tech
  • Value and possibilities with Employee Experience




5. Podcast - sponsorship and advertising

Please find our offerings for the podcast on this link