Peter Bjellerup - expert at remote and hybrid work

👋 Peter is the one to reach out to when you or your organisation want to excel at collaborating and meeting digitally!

Peter, please tell us what you do and why you’re so passionate about it?

"My professional passion is to not only lay the ground for strong employee engagement. But to also create the conditions and the environment for them to make the most of that engagement and their skills –wherever they happen to be located."

"That was a lot of words to say that you’re a fan of remote working..."

"Might be so, but for me it’s about so much more than just having and being able to handle technology. It’s about leadership, culture, work methods, performance management. Habits beat tools."

"But what does it mean for the business?"

"EVEYTHING! In these times of extreme and unpredictable change; sensitivity, listening and agility are necessary for long term survival. Darwin didn’t write about the survival of the strongest. But of those best suitable or adaptable to conditions. That takes engaged employees with good possibilities and ability to communicate and collaborate."

"For organisations? Or for individuals? And what does it mean in practice?"

"For both. Organisations can’t afford to be hierarchical and rigid. And for individuals, learning and life-long development are necessities of holding your value on the market. In addition, it’s FUN! Right now, improving your skills at meeting and collaborating digitally. As important as mastering an office suite. At least. And painfully obvious if you fail."

"So, how do you do this?"

"I give lectures, train, advise, consult and train –for both organisations, employees and anyone, really, who has realised that they need to get great at digital collaboration."

Peter Bjellerup is one of the team-members you can engage at HR Digitaliseringsgruppen in addition to our founder Anna Carlsson.
Reach out if you would like to engage us and create a digital future for you and your business.